Linux Enterprise Plus 50GB

The no-compromise professional hosting plan with unique features

Il miglior piano hosting per il tuo progetto ecommerce
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I vantaggi dell'hosting professionale con disco SSD 50 gb
Affida con tranquillità i tuoi progetti più ambiziosi all’Enterprise SSD 50 Gb Linux: verrai ripagato con efficienza, sicurezza e velocità. Con 50GB di spazio web, 100 email, un dominio incluso e traffico illimitato, l’hosting professionale SSD Linux è il prodotto ideale per le aziende ed i professionisti che, senza rinunciare ai vantaggi dell’hosting web, ricercano prestazioni più elevate e professionali, ma a costi più ridotti di server dedicati e VPS.

Risorse Semidedicate e Dischi SSD
A differenza dei piani hosting condivisi tradizionali, avrai a disposizione risorse semidedicate ed il tuo dominio verrà attivato su un server che ospita al massimo 100 differenti siti contemporaneamente. Grazie a questa soluzione non avrai nulla da temere! Anche durante i picchi di accesso più elevati avrai risorse sempre disponibili per rispondere con la massima stabilità alle richieste dei tuoi utenti. Per tutti i tuoi dati (database, posta e contenuti web), inoltre, utilizzeremo solo dischi SSD, grazie ai quali la velocità di risposta del tuo sito sarà imbattibile.

E tanto altro ancora...
Inclusi nel prezzo avrai EasyApp, il sistema per installare e gestire oltre 60 applicazioni web con la facilità di un click, e Sitebuilder, per creare in pochi secondi un sito professionale, completo e personalizzato.
Garantirai ai tuoi clienti il 99,99% di uptime e, con l'assistenza H24/365, avrai tecnici specializzati sempre al tuo fianco, per affrontare insieme qualsiasi problematica.

Enterprise Plus Linux 50GB SSD

La soluzione senza compromessi dalle caratteristiche uniche

147 €
210 €   + IVA all'anno
  • 50GB di spazio
  • 100 email
  • 1 dominio incluso
  • traffico illimitato
  • backup giornaliero
  • 50 database Mysql e
  • sottodomini illimitati
  • Easyapp
  • Sitebuilder
  • Caratteristiche
  • Pannello di controllo
  • Sviluppo e linguaggi
  • Easyapp
  • Sitebuilder
  • Dischi SSD
  • Intrepid Support
  • Domande frequenti
Enterprise Linux Plus € 147€210
spazio web 50 GB
traffico mensile illimitato
pannello di controllo cPanel
50€ Google AdWords bonus
dominio incluso
sottodomini inclusi illimitati
account email 100 email
email alias illimitati
email forward illimitati
antivirus e antispam
server smtp
server POP3 - IMAP - SMTP
accesso sicuro ssl
mailinglist e newsletter
database disponibili 50
spazio database * 50 GB
* Il valore è da considerarsi complessivo rispetto al numero di database disponibili
ruby on rails
librerie GD2
htaccess e mod rewrite
account ftp di default
ftp aggiuntivi illimitati
file manager
directory protette
accesso ssh
cron jobs
monitoring spazio
monitoring traffico
download log
backup quotidiano
backup orario
firewall hardware
99,99% di uptime garantito
ticket system

Keep everything under your control

cPanel, pannello di controllo hosting Our hosting plans give you all the control you need thanks to cPanel, the most popular control panel for professional Linux hosting.

Manage all services and configurations quickly and without error with simple wizards.

E-mail management

Enable and configure mailboxes, aliases, forwards and auto-responders

Database management

Create databases in seconds and manage your data with ease thanks to phpMyAdmin

Logs and Statistics

Monitor the achievement of your site's objectives with built-in access to statistics, and check for problems with the web server logs


The best hosting for innovative projects

Our hosting plans support the most popular development languages ​​in both Windows and Linux versions.
Get the most out of your projects with all the best technologies at your disposal.

  • PHP
  • Perl
  • Python
  • Ruby on Rails
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Cron
  • htaccess and mod_rewrite

Get the most from your web hosting

In just one click, you can install more than 60 applications directly to your domain.

With EasyApp you can easily install and manage more than 60 CMSs, including Worpdress, Joomla, Magento and PrestaShop.
Discover the complete list of CMS software available with EasyApp

Installation, upgrading, backup and recovery made easy through a single panel.

Select the application you want and install it with just one click.

In a few moments, the system is installed and configured on your hosting space. With a few simple steps, your web application is ready to be published.

Easy app, installzione automatica, backup

With EasyApp you have instant access to:

  • WordPress (blog)
  • Magento (e-commerce)
  • Joomla (CMS)
  • Drupal (CMS)
  • Code Igniter (framework)
  • MediaWiki (wiki)
  • Moodle (e-learning)
  • phpBB (forum)

and many other scripts, always updated to the latest version, for maximum data security and to ensure that you have the latest features available.
See the full list of CMSs


Your website is online in minutes with Sitebuilder

More than 800 graphical templates to indulge your creativity.
Create a site complete with the most advanced functions, in just a few easy steps.

With SiteBuilder you have at your disposal:

  • 800 templates (HTML and Flash)
  • 20 thematic categories
  • New themes every month
  • No limit to the number of pages
  • easy and intuitive management
  • visual content editor
  • extensions and addons
  • search engine optimisation

Create an appealing website without the need of technical expertise.
Forms, blog areas, newsletter management, photo galleries and multimedia areas are just some of the easy-to-use modules available to enhance the pages of your site with dynamic and appealing features.
Your website is ready in just a few simple steps.

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Maximum speed with the new generation of SSDs

SSD Disk

The response speed of a web-site is the result of many factors. The quality of the server is the first and most important, which is why our team is always working to implement tested hardware solutions with incredible performance.

We know that access to data on disk is the slowest operation on a server, at least with the older generation discs. Now, with the new solid state disks (SSD) installed by default on our servers, reading and writing operations reach unprecedented performance levels.

SSDs are used in all our Shared and Professional Hosting plans. Thanks to this technology, your website or e-commerce site will no longer have slowdowns due to reading and writing operations.

Operations per second

Speed comparison

Thanks to the lack of mechanical moving parts, SSDs offer truly remarkable improvement in the speed of data I/O operations, ensuring higher response times than any previous technology.

Choose the fastest solution for your website and preview the performance of our new solid-state drives today.

Intrepid Support

The support service designed to make your web hosting experience unique.

Looking for a web hosting service that is run by humans, not machines? Intrepid Support is the solution you're looking for.
Our specialists understand your requirements and know how to anticipate your needs. We take web hosting seriously and believe that quality of service is necessary for our customers' success.

With guaranteed response times and three-level progressive support, whatever your request you will always find one of our specialists on-line to help you.
We are present 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, ready to take care of your website or e-commerce site and ensure maximum availability, without any slowdown.

Intrepid Support features

  • 24/7 team availability
  • Direct access to specialists, without call centres or intermediaries
  • 99.99% Network Uptime SLA
  • Hardware and software monitoring

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Web Hosting FAQ

All our servers are located in Italian data-centres. This means we can guarantee excellent network response times and all-Italian connectivity.
The choice of hosting plan operating system does not depend on the operating system on the user's computer, but rather on the languages ​​used for the development of the website or CMS. If the website is built using HTML and PHP, or using a CMS like Wordpress or Joomla, then Linux hosting is the ideal choice; if ASP is the programming language used, you will need Windows-based hosting.
Yes All our hosting plans can be purchased without the need to transfer the domain. Once you buy the hosting plan, you just have to enter the DNS control panel of your current provider and point the domain to the IP address or DNS, which will be indicated via e-mail after activation of the hosting.
The specifications of our hosting plans are higher than the minimum requirements of the most popular CMS. You can therefore install any CMS via FTP or with the simplified EasyApp installer included in the Linux Shared Hosting Developer, Startup and Enterprise plans and on all Linux Professional Hosting plans.
With payments by credit card or PayPal, the hosting plan and domain registration are activated immediately. If you choose to pay by Bank Transfer or Postal Order, the services purchased will be activated within 4 hours of receipt of the payment documentation.
All the hosting plans include full assistance from Intrepid Support, the direct support service, without intermediaries, which includes complete management of the server, configuration of services, 24-hour monitoring of all systems and live support via tickets, e-mail and telephone.
You can make purchases easily and safely on our website, with all the most widely used payment methods: Credit card, PayPal, postal orders, bank transfers and subscriptions.
As a sign of our confidence in the quality of our services, we allow our customers to exercise their right of cancellation up to 30 days after purchase and to request a refund. The amounts already paid (excluding the cost of the domain) will be reimbursed on the day following receipt of the cancellation notice.
You can request an upgrade of the hosting plan from the client areas at any time, paying only the difference in price between the new plan and the current one. The upgrade will be immediate and will not require any data migration.
All data is saved daily on dedicated storage. In the event of involuntary loss of files or e-mails you can request instant recovery from our technical support. If you want even more protection, you can request hourly backup as an additional service.