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Certified E-Mail Your Certified E-mail account activated within 24 hours
Send digital messages with the legal weight of a registered letter with return receipt

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PowerMail: e-mails without space problems

Up to 5GB of space for each mailbox for your e-mail messages, address books, calendars.

PowerMail is the ideal solution for those with an existing hosting service with limited space, or who are looking for a professional e-mail service that is easy to use.
You can choose PowerMail for e-mail even if you have a domain already registered with another provider, without any need to transfer it.

Discover all the details of PowerMail

Desktop and mobile webmail

Access your e-mail from any device, whether PC or mobile, thanks to the webmail and CalDav features, with support for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile

Anti-virus and anti-spam

All mailboxes are protected from spam and viruses. Download messages onto your PC and kiss junk e-mails goodbye

Automatic hourly backups

No risk of losing your messages. A copy of the mailboxes is made every hour, with immediate access for full data recovery

Mail Forwarding

Choose whether to use PowerMail to read your e-mails, or forward all incoming e-mails to other addresses. This option is also covered by PowerMail's anti-virus and anti-spam protection

Full support

With PowerMail you have access to Intrepid Support: our team of specialists who directly answer all your questions and respond to your every need

Attachments up to 50 MB

Send large files directly with support for attachments up to 50 MB in size. The fastest way to send projects without worrying about the size

All the mailboxes you want at a bargain price

Mailboxes 1 GB* 5 GB*
1-9 €6 € 0
10-99 €5 €9
100-499 €4 €7.50
500+ €3.50 €6.50

If you already have active mailboxes, migration is free of charge

* Space available for each mailbox
800434337 Monday to Friday
9:00 - 18:00 (GMT +1)
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