Transferring a domain

Domain name transfers are free with all the hosting plans

Why transfer a domain? Support with little attention to your needs, an unreasonable price or poor server performance. Or perhaps you simply need superior quality hosting. Faster and more reliable.

Sometimes transferring a domain or switching carriers, while maintaining the same site address, is a necessary choice, but you don't know how to do it. Choose Serverplan hosting: we will take care of your data and your domain, safely and securely.

To transfer .it domains,

  • the domain must not have expired.
  • You must have a copy of the site to republish it to the domain after the transfer.
  • You must have the AuthInfo from the host provider and the domain must be unlocked for transfer.

To transfer .com, .biz, .net, .info and .org domains,

  • the domain must not have expired.
  • You must be able to receive e-mails addressed to the AdminC contact associated with the domain (WhoIs).
  • You must make the transfer request 60 days after the registration or previous transfer

The transfer is secure. There is no risk of losing the domain and the process is free. For .it domains, it takes approximately one day to complete the transfer, whereas four days are required for transferring other domains.

Send us an e-mail and set up the transfer of your domain right now with Serverplan.

Free with every domain
  • One of 1Gb Powermail
  • webmail
  • Anti-Virus / Anti-Spam
  • DNS Managment
  • redirect
  • mail forward
  • domain lock
  • nameservers registration
  • privacy

Your domain
13.33 €
yearly + VAT

DNS and Nameservers

You have all the convenience of the DNS control panel for managing your domains, plus full protection with 3 independent, geographically separated name servers

Address Book

Manage domain registration contract details with ease. Change technical and administrative contact details at any time directly from the client area

Anti-virus and anti-spam

All mailboxes associated with your domain enjoy the full protection of our anti-virus and anti-spam systems

Transfer or maintain domains

If you already have a registered domain, you can choose to transfer it to us or retain your current provider and use only our hosting services, e-mail, VPS or Dedicated Servers

Reseller API

Automate registration, renewal and transfer of domains through our APIs

Protect your brand

Register your domain and secure your brand by choosing from over 100 national and international extensions

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.it 13.33 €* .com 13.33 €* .net 13.33 €*
.info 13.33 €* .org 13.33 €* .eu 13.33 €*
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* the cost is VAT excluded

The benefits of registering your domain with Serverplan

With Serverplan you can choose from a wide variety of national, international and regional top-level domains.
If you already have a domain you can choose to transfer it to us or keep it with your current provider and point it to any of our hosting, dedicated servers, VPS or cloud services.
If you wish to register a large number of domains, we offer an exclusive discount price list, complete with all the convenience of prepaid credit.

In addition, by choosing Serverplan, the availability of your domains is always ensured by our three independent, geographically separated name servers.

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