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Simple, secure and scalable

Supercloud is the on-demand IaaScloud server service that you can activate for free and try right now, thanks to the €15 gift bonus, without any commitment.

With Supercloud you can optimise VPSs in real time and pay only for the resources you use, thanks to the hourly billing.
Cloud Server technology offers decisive advantages over traditional solutions. It is the most flexible system available on the market for managing the number and resources of VPSs with extreme simplicity and without any waiting, supporting the real-time requests of each individual project in the most effective manner.

  • Immediate, free activation
  • A immediate free gift of €15
  • Hourly Billing
  • Manage resources in real-time
  • You pay only for the resources that you need
  • Autoscaling: resources optimised automatically
  • 24/7 Intrepid Support included
  • Cloud management via browser or mobile
  • No constraints, purchase even just for one hour
Automatic backup over dedicated LAN for all VPS
Cloud Managed
Your VPS in the safest hands
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Pay only for the resources you need

The Cloud Server is a fast, secure solution, customisable even in regard to payment, thanks to hourly billing that only takes into account the resources you have decided to use.

Choose from the control panel how much RAM or disk space to allocate, apply the changes and the VPS will be immediately updated with the new resources. If you need a new virtual machine, you can create one with ease or clone an existing one.

Fast and flexible

Respond to every need immediately and flexibly. With Supercloud you can manage the resources of each VPS in real time, without waiting for any physical intervention on the server.

Easy and secure

Create new VPS instances with ease, thanks to the available disk images. Select the operating system and optimised LAMP environment with web applications such as Magento, Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal. Your project will be online right away.

Your VPS is always optimised

If a VPS instance reaches the preset resource limit, Autoscaling sends an alert and automatically adds the defined resources desired, ensuring stability and speed, even during unexpected traffic spikes.

Redundancy and automatic failover

Cloud Server ensures the continuity of your VPS with redundant nodes. If the node hosting your cloud server suffers a hardware failure, the system instantly migrates all affected servers to another node in the cloud.

Hourly Billing

Keep track of hourly resource usage and adapt the package to your needs with ease. You pay only for the resources you actually use.

No time obligations

Let your decisions be guided by your needs. If you only need a VPS for a limited time, choose Supercloud. You can create a VPS even for just a few hours, with no strings attached.

No Overbooking or Overselling

Our Cloud Server service is guaranteed and will never be limited by the number of users in the Cloud. Resources and storage are guaranteed by Serverplan against the risk of overselling.

All the power of virtualisation

Our infrastructure provides maximum flexibility and a full guarantee for the resources available in any condition, thanks to XEN virtualisation

Intrepid Support

Complete peace of mind, thanks to the Serverplan system engineering support available to you 24/7 via phone, e-mail and ticket, to give you the right solution for any problem.

Linux and Windows with a click

An extensive library of Linux and Windows disk images for immediate installation of the operating system. Select the template you prefer from the control panel: the virtual machine is fully configured and ready to use in a few seconds.

All the operating systems you want in a single click
  • Linux Centos 5 - 64bit
  • Linux Centos 6 - 64bit
  • Linux Centos with cPanel
  • Linux Centos with Plesk
  • Ubuntu Linux 12 Server - 64bit
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 - 64bit
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 - 64bit
  • VMware Zimbra Collaboration Suite
  • Windows server Web edition 2008 R2 -64bit
  • Windows server Standard edition 2008 R2 - 64bit
  • Windows server Enterprise edition 2008 R2 - 64bit
  • Windows server Web Edition 2008 con Plesk
  • Windows 2012 Standard Edition - 64 bit
  • Windows 2012 Datacenter Edition - 64 bit
  • Windows 2003 Standard Edition - 32 bit
  • Windows 8

Cloud Managed, for great, worry-free management

Supercloud gives you complete management of your virtual servers, from configuration of services to the distribution of resources. If you do not want to deal with these issues yourself, but still want to take advantage of the flexibility of Supercloud, choose Cloud Managed, a cloud package supervised directly by our team of specialists.

Choose the flexibility and convenience of the Cloud Server without the hassle of management and maintenance. Our team will manage your servers and you can enjoy all the benefits of your cloud.

Enabling Cloud Managed
Register for free and receive €15 free to create your own Cloud.
After registration you can choose the Cloud Managed VPS service directly from your Client Area.

The peace of mind offered by Intrepid Support for just €35 per month per VPS.
The free setup, and the management of resources by our staff, ensure the best performance in any situation . You will also have one of our experts always at hand for your every need.

With Cloud Managed, you get:
  • 24/7 telephone support from out team, 365 days a year
  • Direct access to specialists, without call centres or intermediaries
  • 99.99% Network Uptime SLA

and also...

Setup and regular updates

Our technicians will take direct care of your server, from the operating system to web services, to give you the most powerful configuration and complete security, with regular updates of the operating system and control panel.


With on-demand installation of additional software, you can order the server configuration you want and let our specialists handle it.

Daily backup

Your data is safe at all times, thanks to a dedicated 1 GB/s LAN. Thanks to daily backup performed directly by our specialists, you will always have the peace of mind of knowing everything is perfectly safe


Intrepid Support specialists are at your service for analysis and tips for optimising your web applications. Improve the performance of your website with a few simple tweaks, thanks to the suggestions of our team.


A secure server still needs to monitor network activity. Thanks to our Active Alert and Hardware Monitoring systems, our engineers ensure your server is constantly checked. The team is automatically informed of any anomaly, no matter how small


No need to worry about the security of your data thanks to the direct management of the firewall, vulnerability scanning, anti-spam and anti-virus. Thanks to optimisation based on the machine's workload, your server will always boast record performance.

Cloud Managed
Cloud Full Access
Free registration
Instant Activation
Free VPS Setup
Control Panel
VPS and hosting managed from your browser
24/7 Intrepid Support
Direct access to our specialist support team, 24 hours a day, via phone, chat, e-mail, SMS and ticket system
Backups of VMs to separate storage
Mobile App
Hourly Billing
99.99% Network and Server Uptime
VPS directly supervised by our team
Let our team of specialists take care of the setup and optimisation of your VPS.
Custom VPS configuration
Our team will install and configure any additional software on the server, at any time, upon request*.
Advice for optimisation of the most popular CMSs
Our experts at your service to achieve the best performance with your CMS
Bruteforce Protection
Security scanning
Installation of patches to protect against known vulnerabilities, virus checks on all uploaded files, and anti-spam for incoming e-mail messages
Root access to the VPS

* all requests will be analysed and evaluated by our specialists. For custom configuration requests, please contact us through the support area of ​​the site.


See details of the Control Panel and find out how easy it is to perform all operations:

  • create or modify the VPS
  • shut down, start up, and reboot the VPS
  • keep the resources and related costs under control
  • schedule backups

and so much more...

also from mobile platforms

All the operating systems you want in a single click
  • Linux Centos 5 - 64bit
  • Linux Centos 6 - 64bit
  • Linux Centos with cPanel
  • Linux Centos with Plesk
  • Ubuntu Linux 12 Server - 64bit
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 - 64bit
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 - 64bit
  • VMware Zimbra Collaboration Suite
  • Windows server Web edition 2008 R2 -64bit
  • Windows server Standard edition 2008 R2 - 64bit
  • Windows server Enterprise edition 2008 R2 - 64bit
  • Windows server Web Edition 2008 con Plesk
  • Windows 2012 Standard Edition - 64 bit
  • Windows 2012 Datacenter Edition - 64 bit
  • Windows 2003 Standard Edition - 32 bit
  • Windows 8

Discover the benefits of Cloud Hosting compared to traditional hosting services

Supercloud has all the features of a dedicated or virtual server with many more advantages.
You can adapt the Cloud Server to your business needs at any time, from anywhere. With real-time control of resources, and hourly billing, you have total flexibility.

24/7 Intrepid Support
Instant Activation
Server Snapshots
Redundant systems
High-Availability Platform
Resources can scale in real-time
Control Panel for managing resources
Disk space management
Memory management available
CPU management available
Flexible billing
Hourly payments
Root Access (only with Full Access)
Disk images with operating system
Firewall Configuration
99.99% Network Uptime SLA
99.99% Server Uptime SLA

2 access levels to accommodate your needs

Cloud Managed

Maximum reliability without any worries. Let our team of experts handle the creation and optimisation of your VPS, service management and security.

Cloud Full Access

The ideal choice if you want direct control of the VPS. Independent management of the services and operating system, with administrator access to the virtual machines and the Cloud.

Find out the exact cost of your cloud based on the resources you need

The simulator can calculate the hourly cost of the cloud according to the resources you really need. Keep your budget under control and avoid wastage, thanks to the hourly billing and alerts via SMS or e-mail to inform you when you reach your consumption limits.

Register now and immediately receive a bonus of €15 to try out Supercloud for free. Once you have activated your account, you can manage Cloud and top up your credit by any amount you want at any time, directly from your Client Area.

Choose Supercloud and make your business grow, by eliminating infrastructure costs.

SuperCloud offers total flexibility. Even if you have assigned resources, shutting down the VPSgives you a different price list that saves you even more money.

Hourly Billing VPS Enabled VPS Disabled
CPU (per hour) €0.0200 €0.0000
Memory (per 1 GB) €0.004 €0.004
Disk space (per 1 GB) SATA €0.00015 €0.00015
Disk space (per 1 GB) SAS €0.0003 €0.0003
Disk space (per 1 GB) SSD €0.0007 €0.0007
IP address (per IP) €0.0040 €0.0040
Snapshot Backup (per GB)
First 100GB free
€0.00025 €0.00025
Traffic unlimited

Licensing fees

Operating System Hourly Charge
RedHat Enterprise License €0.0484
License for Windows 2012 Standard Edition - 64-bit €0.0134
License for Windows 2012 Datacenter Edition - 64-bit €0.0268
License for Windows 2008 Web Edition €0.0134
License for Windows 2008 Standard Edition €0.0269
License for Windows 2008 Enterprise Edition €0.1008
License for Windows 2003 Standard Edition €0.0269
License for Windows 8 €0.0134

Licensing fees

Control Panel Monthly Cost
cPanel License €12
Plesk (10 domain license) €8
Plesk (100 domain license) €20
Plesk Unlimited Domain License €35
all prices are excluding VAT

FAQ for Cloud Managed and Full Access plans

All our servers are located in Italian data-centres. This means we can guarantee excellent network response times and all-Italian connectivity.
Activation of cloud servers is immediate. For Full Access Servers, visibility and access to the machine are immediate, while for Managed Servers, times may vary according to the configuration requested.
On Cloud Server, changes to the machine's resources are immediate and can be administered directly by the customer on Full Access Servers. For Managed Server plans, simply make a request to Support for changes to the configuration of the machine.
All cloud servers are covered by our 24-hour support via ticket, e-mail and phone for emergencies and availability problems. Choose VPS Managed and, in addition to our basic support, you also get Intrepid Support, our advanced service that takes care of setting up and upgrading the operating system and installed software, customisation, configuration, daily backups with dedicated connectivity, 24/7 monitoring, application optimisation, and web security management.
Our Cloud Hosting offers high payment efficiency, thanks to our hourly billing, which counts only the resources actually used. The amount is automatically deducted from your prepaid credit, which you can easily top up from the Client Area, using any of the payment methods supported.
The Cloud IaaS system takes daily and weekly snapshots for each VPS present on the network. If needed, these snapshots can be made immediately available for disaster recovery. For our Cloud Managed package, as well as disaster recovery, we also offer CDP backups, which allow instant recovery of individual files, databases and e-mail accounts. CDP Backup is also offered on our Cloud Full Access package as an advanced service that can be purchased separately.
Each VPS is created on our servers using Xen virtualisation, permitting full emulation of hardware without impacting system resources. Xen does not limit itself solely to hardware emulation: it regulates and controls access to the server's physical resources on behalf of the virtual machines, guaranteeing extremely efficient usage.
The hourly billing is a very flexible payment method that takes into account how many resources have been used and ensures you only pay for what you actually use, even if only for an hour, without time constraints. With Cloud Hosting you could, for example, create a VPS for two hours and only pay for the resources used during those two hours of activity. If a server is active but switched off, you also have an even more affordable price list.
Installing the Operating System on the Cloud Server is very easy with the numerous templates available in the control panel. You can choose from the most popular Linux distributions, or the most recent versions of Windows Server:
  • Linux Centos, Ubuntu, RedHat Enterprise, Vmware Zimbra Collaboration Suite
  • Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2003
Each Supercloud account has a user-friendly interface to manage the Cloud. With Cloud Full Access, you can monitor the status of the servers and change their configuration in real time. With Cloud Managed, the panel offers an abundant set of charts and statistics on the usage and status of the server. You can also manage your cloud from your mobile using our application, available for Android and iOS.
Administrator access is permitted only for Cloud Full Access. For Cloud Managed, all administration tasks are handled directly by our team at the client's request.
There is no minimum time period and no temporal constraints for Cloud Hosting. Thanks to hourly billing, you can activate a virtual server even just for a few hours, whether in Cloud Full Access or Cloud Managed.
If you already have one or more active servers with another provider, our team will take care of the data migration to ensure 100% continuity, with no interruption during migration, free of charge.