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Control of resources in your hands with Supercloud

Activate your cloud server in 60 seconds

The public cloud is the winning choice for your business: it allows you to manage an entire virtual datacenter (virtual machine, storage and network) in a totally autonomous and flexible way.Get the ultimate in performance, availability and efficiency from your infrastructure and applications.The cloud server is the ideal service for applications, ecommerce or cms with variable traffic.

1. Choose the operating system
2. Assign resources
3. Immediately online
4 GB
€ 0.026 / Month
€ 19.34 / Hour
4 GB
€ 0.026 / Month
€ 19.34 / Hour

Cos'è il Cloud Hosting?

Il Cloud Hosting è la soluzione che ti permette di ottenere rapidamente un hosting performante con risorse scalabili. Puoi scegliere quante e quali risorse utilizzare, semplicemente configurandole dall'apposito pannello. La vera utilità di un cloud server risiede nella possibilità di selezionare ed utilizzare determinate risorse per soddisfare le tue reali esigenze, senza perdere tempo. Ti offriamo solo la massima flessibilità e le migliori tecnologie per realizzare i tuoi progetti.

Vmware Vcloud infrastructure

Supercloud is the simple, secure and scalable iaas on demand cloud server service.

Try it for free with the € 15 bonus and without any restrictions. Thanks to Vmware Vcloud technology, the world leader in totally "high reliability" HA cloud systems, you can create and upgrade virtual servers in just a few moments, paying only the resources allocated on an hourly basis to reduce the costs of your IT infrastructure.

Cloud Server Features

Immediate activation

Request your bonus and try our service. With the Octopus panel and Vcloud you can create your virtual machines in seconds.

Storage SSD

Our cloud servers have SSD enterprise disks that provide the best performance for your site and your applications.

Scalable resources

Increase or reduce the resources of your cloud according to your needs and in a completely transparent way.

Backup & Restore

Backup systems on external storage for saving your data up to time intervals. Maximum security and ease of restore.

Pay Per Use

Pay only for the resources you have chosen and on an hourly basis.

cPanel & Plesk

Activate what you prefer. Both are pre-installed to make it easier to manage sites, databases, emails and applications.

Virtual Console

Maximum control over your cloud with Vmware Vcloud and Octopus: create, suspend or reboot your cloud and many other features.

Free Migration

Do you have a cloud already active elsewhere? Our technicians will migrate your data for free on ServerPlan!

High Availability

Redundant cloud infrastructure with migration to another node in case of need and without any interruption of service.

Let’s Encrypt SSL

Install the free SSL certificate on your CPanel or Plesk cloud server or choose the one you prefer from the other versions we offer.

Pre-purchase questions

I already have a server at another provider, you can deal with the migration?
  • Yes, after verification, our Intrepid Support will proceed to the migration of your data free of charge.
What differences are there between a virtual server and a server cloud?
Where are your servers located?
How does the cloud work?
How will I pay for the resources used?

I pannelli di controllo per la gestione del server





Choose the level of assistance


Cloud Managed is the service that guarantees total peace of mind. Your cloud will always be online because it is taken care of directly by our team of specialists, who will be responsible for updating, installation, configuration and control of performances.

  • Assistance
    Support 365/7/24
  • Monitoring
    Hardware control, space occupied, cpu load, mail queues, slow query, blacklist, 24-hour service uptime, 365 days a year and autonomous immediate recovery
  • Safety
     - Firewall protection
     - Web application firewall and Anti-Bruteforce
     - Antivirus and Antispam IN / OUT
     - Malware scan
     - Installation of patches to protect against known system vulnerabilities operating and CPanel / Plesk control panel
     - Operating system updates and CPanel / Plesk control panel
  • Consultancy for the optimization of the most common CMS
    Our experts at your service to achieve the best performance with yours CMS
  • Custom software configuration
    Upon request, our team will take care of installing and configuring additional software on the server.
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The ideal choice if you want direct control of the cloud: autonomous management of services and administrator access to the operating system.

  • Assistance
    Support 365/7/24
  • Management
     - Stand-alone server restart and virtual console access
     - Total autonomy in the installation of all applications
     - Root / administrator access to the server
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The reviews of our customers

Cloud control panel

Octopus is the innovative control panel that allows you to create customized solutions to manage your servers, vps and / or cloud cataloging them eg. by customer, by type or by the criterion that suits you best. Through the guided procedures and thanks to the simple and intuitive layout, any operation becomes simple, immediate and error-proof.


Install over 60 applications and CMS with one click

Con tutti i server dedicati CPanel e Plesk puoi installare e gestire con estrema facilità più di 60 CMS completamente in italiano tra i quali WordPress, Joomla, Magento e PrestaShop.

Discover the complete list of CMS available with Easyapp. Easy installation, upgrade, backup and recovery through a single panel. Choose the application you want and run the installation with just one click. You will have in a few moments the cms installed and configured in your account.

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