Clustering and Load Balancing

100% reliability with traffic balanced on different nodes
and servers always online

A cluster provides multiple servers that work together to ensure full availability for your site. Each server contains a complete, up-to-date copy of the site and incoming requests are balanced to ensure the best response times. The nodes in a cluster behave as a single server but each have their own exclusive resources.

If one of the servers in the cluster should fail, the availability of the site is never compromised. The other nodes provide continuity of service in a fully automatic and transparent way. No downtime is perceived by users, even during hardware replacement and restoration of one of the servers.

Esempio di cluster Base Esempio di cluster Avanzato

These are just two of number cluster configuration possibilities

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Do you need clustering?

If you run web applications of critical importance, a clustered system is essential. The presence of different servers, always available, ensures complete continuity of service even if one of the nodes fails. This means your application will never go down.

Need load balancing?

If your site suffers heavy traffic spikes or has periods of high demand, Load Balancing guarantees consistent connectivity with no slowdown. The balancing system distributes requests across the servers so that you always have the most efficient use of resources. Thanks to the scalability of the cluster, you can also add and remove servers to tailor the system to your needs.

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