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Our assistance service is truly unique. Intrepid Support is made up exclusively of specialists with wide experience, who personally follow each customer with continuous updates until the complete resolution of any problem
For all our services we offer 99.99% guaranteed network uptime . With our monitoring and automatic alert systems, network performance is always under our control, and any intervention is made in real time. The entire network is served by Cisco Gigabit Switch routers and with our Service Level Agreement we not only guarantee network uptime but also sure intervention times for hardware replacement and reply to tickets
Our entire infrastructure is composed of enterprise-grade products and certified technology. We choose the best solutions on the market to guarantee unrivalled performance in terms of the speed, stability and security of our servers and network
We never close. Our specialists are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and so our customers are never alone. Try contacting us on New Year's Eve or the August Bank Holiday and you will always have one of our employees answer you, whatever your needs
Convenience is not an absolute value, based solely on cost. The entire range of services offered, response and intervention times, and the level of quality all need to be taken into consideration. We know that our offer is the most convenient because it ensures maximum performance with the best service, at an affordable price
Every contact we receive is accepted directly by our team. There are no call centres: our customers speak directly with our specialists and response times are guaranteed: 15 minutes for tickets, 5 minutes for emergencies
Our team is made up exclusively of highly trained specialists with specific expertise in the management of computer systems and complex networks. Each server in the data centre is managed directly by our staff, with no intermediaries
We have been serving our clients for over ten years. In internet terms, ten years is practically a geological era. The experience gained over this period has become one of our most cherished values, thanks to which we have no fear of competition. Our clients who have stayed with us from the beginning are our best testimony
Our longevity at the same time would be a hindrance if it were not accompanied by a innovative spirit that makes us always ahead of the times. Our technological solutions anticipate the changing needs of our clients to always offer the most innovative choice on the market
We know that managing complex systems presents notable challenges for maintaining stability. Our efforts are always aimed at offering the most stable environment for our customers. However, when problems do occasionally occur, we adopt a transparent approach and provide real-time updates on the status of the systems

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